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Michael Rozenvain was born in Kiev, Ukraina in 1963. He graduated from art college in Kiev, and after that in the Academy of decorative art in Lvov. He came to Israel in 1990. Michael Rozenvain has a great talent in painting watercolors of flowers and landscapes, a subject and medium which many have disregarded and even scorned. To reveal such a great talent in painting watercolors in flowers is one of the most difficult things because a flower is the highest expression of beauty in nature, and the tools of painting which we have are not capable of depicting this beauty on canvas. However, the task of great art is not to create anew the beauty of nature, but to create the beauty whose inspiration is drawn from nature. This is what Rozenvain achieves in his paintings. In his works there is much more than an exact description of the smallest detail of the flower. They are recreated in his imagination and become transformed into a painting with its own rhythm. By his delicate arrangement of line and the placement of color unique to him, he lavishes on his works the mysterious indefinable sublimation which turns a painting into a work of art. read more