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ARIE AZENE Arie Azene was born in Germany in 1934. He moved to Israel at a young age and grew up in Tel Aviv. During his career as a Master artist he has exhibited in international shows, Museums and Galleries in Israel, Europe and the USA. Many of Azene's artworks can be found in important private collections. The original paintings that inspired Azene's 3D mixed media series were painted in watercolours throughout the 80's. Inspired by these pictures a new series of oil paintings and 3D mixed media artworks were created by Azene in the last few years 1956 Tel Aviv Museum: Israeli artist 1959 Tel Aviv Museum: new horizons 1963 Ein Harod Museum: new horizons 1963 Biennale - Paris 1965 Tel Aviv Museum: young Artists 1966 Gordon Gallery T.A. 1967 Katz Gallery T.A. 1968 Tel Aviv Museum: Autumn Show 1971 Modern art Museum Haifa: Multism 1971 Tel Aviv artist's House: Abrstractions 1973 Jerusalem artist's house 1973 Sara Gilat gallery, Jerusalem 1974 Yodfat Gallery T.A. 1975 Yodfat Gallery T.A. 1979 Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Kadishman connection 1981 Tel Aviv Museum: new works 1985 Art - Expo N.Y. 1985 Art - Expo L.A. 1986 Art - Expo N.Y. 1986 Art - Expo L.A. read more