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LUBA SHAMANOVA Luba was born in Maginov, the capital city of Belarus. Between the years 1982-1985, Luba attended the Minsk Institute of Art in Belarouse. In Mogilov, Belarouse, she specialized in landscape and impressionist artworks . In 1990, Luba immigrated to Israel and is currently living in Haifa with her husband and 2 children. Luba’s works are unique in the structure of the color which is raised above the canvas. This is the effect of working with colors mixed with sand, with plaster and coarse paintbrushes. In the Land of Israel there is something special about the sunlight and the local scale of colors and these Luba understands and captures in her paintings. The subjects are hinted at rather than explicit, but some details are nevertheless clearly presented. Luba stimulates our imagination but does not tell the story from A to Z. This is art which does not preach but gets to the heart of the matter by way of allusions. read more