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MORDECHAI ARDON Ardon painted within the European Jewish tradition. He has sought to express what for him is the mystical aspect of the Holy Land and the impact of the Holocaust on the emerging nation. His style is abstract, with a complex vocabulary of personal symbols that are also frequently drawn from Midrash and Kabbalah. Born in Poland 1896. 1920-26: Studied in the "Bauhaus" in Weimar and then in Munich. 1929-33: Taught at the Berlin Art Institute. 1935-52: Taught at the Bezalel Art Institute, then became its director. 1940-52: In charge of Art Education Ministry of Education and Culture, and Advisor to the Israeli Government on Art Matters. Since 1928, participated in group exhibitions in Berlin. First one man exhibition 1948, New York. 1949-59: Exhibitions, Stedljik Museum Amsterdam, Marlborough Gallery, London - New York. Bezalel Museum Jerusalem - Haifa Art Museum documenta I Kassel Germany. 1959: Venice Biennale 1968: Works in Collections of the Metropolitan Museum NY Tate Gallery, London, Museum of Modern Art, Rome. 1963: Awarded Israel Prize for Art. read more