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MICHAEL EISEMANN Born in Tel Aviv in 1943, Michael Eisemann studied at the Academy of Art in Weisbedan, Germany. Upon his return to Israel, Eisemann began teaching at the Art Institute in Bat Yam, and later at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Michael Eisemann continues to explore and chart the odyssey of the artistic psyche in works combining freely executed, miniature versions of masterpieces by artists of the past and present. Through this process of selection, fragmentation and refinement, as well as their relationship with one another, these works assume a fresh identity. Renaissance portraits, Impressionistic marinescapes, academic nudes and color filled works, variously arranged on parchment colored paper, shed their weighty art historical baggage and are transformed before the viewers eyes. Together, they engage in a dialogue which underscores their collective abstract rhythms of light, color (or its absence), texture and above all flattened linear pattern. Eisemann weaves this animate, endlessly fascinating surface, with its simultaneity of ebb flow, dissolution and regeneration, into a magic carpet, airborne through the artist's powers of craft and inspiration. One of Israel's most distinguished artist's, Eisemann has exhibited locally and internationally. read more