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Abel Pann was born in Lithouania. He began his artistic studies in Odessa and continued them in Paris. A number of his pictures have been acquired by the French Government, by the Municipality of Paris, by the Museum of Luzembourg and by the Art Institute of Chicago and a series of 45 pictures has been purchased in America for the National Museum of Jerusalem. The Palestine Art Publishing Co. Ltd Jerusalem Abel Pann wrote: The task I have set myself involves a serious responsibility. The enthusiasm which my work arouses in me is often clouded by painful doubts and questionings. For that same Book which has inspired many a genius to produce his masterpiece has proved to be beyond the reach of a far greater number of artists. A son of the race which produced this marvelous Book. I feel that I, better than some others, may be able to seize its true spirit, and to communicate it to my fellow-men. But the absolute truth is with G-d alone. Mankind is ever the subject to error. And so I entreat the indulgence of my judges. read more