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Michael Kerzner was born in Ukraine in 1964. His father, Wolf Kerzner is a well known painter. In 1982 he graduated from the Ukraine Republic Art School and in the same year he was accepted into the Kiev High Academy of Art from which he graduated with honors. In 1986 he joined a group of dissident artists who created and exhibited all over Europe. He has been inspired by the landscapes and lavish sun and light of Israel as compared to the dark palette he used in Russia. The dazzling local light which is so hard on the eyes of all newcomers from Eastern Europe has taken on a hue that blends and balances among the delicate sensitive brush stroke on the paper. That light, which vitiated the influences of local scenes is the challenge, the object to be confronted and it also determines the content and the hue and the grid and the final message. That light and the touch are what endow his paintings with an optimistic tone, but they are also what spatters them with soulful hints of other feelings. read more