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Here is Michael Goldenberg. I was born in 1964 in the Ukraine, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. From my childhood I felt bent for the beautiful, towards the nature as my mum had accustomed me from my early years to notice the smallest details, not to pass by the subtleties of the world, those that I had seen or heard. In my early years I molded from plasticine, made my hand-made articles and drew. In the 4th form of school I had started playing for an amateur theater, helped to make scenery, suits, properties. I had graduated from music school on speciality of trumpet. Music had helped me to feel and understand the subtlety of other issues, say, the play of the lights and darks. I indulged much, in particular, in drawing the portraits of my friends and acquaintances. After the secondary school I entered the School of folks creativity arts in a known village named Oposhnya. There I was engaged in pottery and small plastics (sik plastika) of a national craft. I had been feeling the way the fire had been transforming the clay having embodying the thought into the lively matter. Sparing colors of the natural clay had allowed me to feel a charm of the little in achievement of the great. In 1989 I and my mum Raisa Goldenberg had arrived to Israel. My stormy activities in the local arts life had begun. As fate has willed it I have found myself at small puppet theater, I’ve begun thinking out and making dolls, properties, scenery. Both theater experience and professional skills in sculpturing and painting proved useful. Somehow I have got acquainted with an actor, and he has told to me: "Why the walls should be white? Draw on the walls!". I have reflected at the subject and, indeed, begun to be engaged in wall-painting that is painted much for schools, private houses and offices, engaged as well in portraits, models, pictures made to order. Someone has somehow come to me and has suggested to illustrate its book. By then I have graduated from computer graphics courses. This way I began illustrating the books – with aid of a pencil, paints and the computer. It is impossible to enumerate everything I had to make and to do – dolls and puppets (for theater, for television, full-size parody dolls related to celebrities), scenery, properties, teaching at school and on private courses, painting, wall-painting, sculpturing, in a private workshop of old Jaffo, cooperation with Jerusalem Gallery of traditional arts, sketches for various projects, zoo designing and decorating, models of buildings and performances, gift and pleasure articles, painting exhibitions (one of the exhibitions for Spain) and so on. I continue with my activities today as well and if they raise a smile, make pleasure or set thinking, I thank the Creator that He has enclosed it all in me and has given me forces to extract it from myself. I’d like to continue with this exchange further as far as possible. Sincerely yours Michael Goldenberg. read more