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Safrai fine art founded 1935, Jerusalem
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Judith Yellin

Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. Studied under M. Ardon and Ascheim. Graduate of the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London. Studied under R.R. Tomlinson, W. Johnstone, J. Minton Member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association. Studied etching under S.W. Hayter, Atelier 17, Paris Collages chosen for UNICEF greeting cards. “Kishut” (Decoration), “Ani Mekashet” (I Decorate) “Ma’aseh Yadai” (The Work of My Hands) – text books on teaching arts and crafts, written and illustrated;Ministry of Education recommendation. Series of art-posters, lithographs and serigraphs reproduced in Israel from Collages; world wide distribution. Teacher of arts and crafts in teachers colleges. School of Occupational Therapy. Senior lecturer, David Yellin Teachers’ College Jerusalem. Prizes Prize for collages of “Types of Israel”, exhibition of Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem Winner of “Queen’s Scholarship”, Central School of Arts and Crafts, London Design award for the book “Kishut” Exhibitions “Ben-Uri” Gallery, London “Nora” Gallery, Jerusalem “Atelier 97” Tel Aviv The Artists Houd, Jerusalem “Katz” Gallery, Tel Aviv The Artists House, Jerusalem “Stern” Gallery, Paris The Artists House, Jerusalem “Ben-Uri” Gallery, London “Old Jaffa” Gallery , Jaffa “Moller’s” Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand “Antipodes” Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand “Miriam” Gallery, Melbourne Australia Ha’aretz Museum, Tel Aviv Jewish Cultural Centre, Amsterdam The Artists House, Jerusalem “Old Jaffa” Gallery, Jaffa Nakamura Gallery, Osaka, Japan Jewish Cultural Centre, Tokyo Japan Art- Expo, NY The Artists House Jerusalem

Safrai Fine Art gallery - Jerusalem
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Safrai Fine Art gallery - Jerusalem