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Safrai fine art founded 1935, Jerusalem
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Shmuel Bonneh

Shmuel Bonneh was born in Poland, 1930 and he immigrated to Israel in 1936. He studied during the years 1946-47 at the atelier of the painter Menachem Shemi, and during the years 1951-52 at the atelier of the painter Abraham Yaskil. He was awarded the Hermann Struck prize of the Haifa Municipality in 1958. He stayed in Paris between 1964-65 and he lives in Haifa. He has had one-man show in Haifa, Jerusalem and Geneva and group shows in Paris, Frankfurt and U.S.A. His works are to be found in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Tel-Aviv Museum and in many private collections in Israel and abroad.

Safrai Fine Art gallery - Jerusalem
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Safrai Fine Art gallery - Jerusalem