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Naim Basson

Naim Basson was born in Iraq in 1935 and immigrated to Israel in 1950. He studied painting and sculpture at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and at various art academies. Basson's wall paintings, reliefs and sculpture can be viewed in Maalot, at the Diplomat Hotel in Tel Aviv, the Marina Hotel in Bat Yam, the Caesar Hotel in Eilat, the Eyal Hotel in Eilat, the Tirat Hacarmel Hospital, the First International Bank in Tel Aviv, a 250 square meter relief at the Caesar Halls in Bat Yam and the biggest mezuzah in the world (4.8 meters) at the Israel Experience in Jaffa. Basson's works of art are exhibited in the collections of museums and galleries in Israel and the world over, at the Tel Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Kimche Gallery at the Tel Aviv Hilton, the Richter Gallery in Old Jaffa, the Engel Galleries in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Bruno Galleries in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the William Rockhill Museum in Kansas City, the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, and at the "Jewish Quarter" Galleries in Beverly Hills, Encino and New York. Basson's works are also to be found in the private collections of personalities and public figures, among them Jane Fonda, George Segal and others.

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