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Lea Avizedek

LEA AVIZEDEK Lea Avizedek was born in Jerusalem and is a descendant of an orthodox family firmly rooted in Israel during 5 generations. She received her formal art training at several institutions including the acclaimed Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem and the School of Drawing in Tel Aviv. Avi zedek's talent was recognized at an early age. The simple sketches that she drew were compared to the works of Post-Impressionist Toulouse-Lautrec, with their simplicity of few lines and bold and colorful silhouettes. The central theme of Avi Zedek's work is the female form. Her women appear in either a solitary pose of tranquility and reflection or in the social interaction of a group. Varying combinations of chalk or pencil, acrylic or watercolor are applied loosely, and are finally painted or stenciled. A combination of bold, heavy smears with light sketches then create a dense and multi-textured surface. ONE PERSON SHOWS 1975 – Sarit Gallery, Tel Aviv 1975 – Sofhashdera Gallery, Tel Aviv 1976 – Turel Gallery, Tel Aviv 1978 – Lyric Gallery, Tel Aviv 1980 – Turel Gallery, Tel Aviv 1981 – Mappou Gallery, Tel Aviv 1982 – Mappou Gallery, Tel Aviv 1984 – Aliave Gallery, Jerusalem 1985 – Allon Gallery, Jerusalem 1988 – Galerie Messara, Paris 1989 – Labarthe-Tolra, Paris 1989 – Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto 1989 – Galerie Desroches, Montreal, Canada GROUP EXHIBITIONS 1978 – Ramat Gan Museum, Ramat Gan 1982 – Havruta Gallery, Tel Aviv 1983 – The Open Gallery, Tel Aviv 1983 – Artist Society, Tel Aviv 1983 – Haifa Museum, Haifa 1988 – Aeked Gallery, Tel Aviv 1990 – Artexpo, New York 1991 – Artexpo, New York 1992 – TIAS, Tokyo Japan 1992 – Artexpo, New York

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