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Dorit Levi

Born 1952 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her Family Immigrated from Yemen Graduated from the Wizo France Art School in Tel-Aviv Israel Over the years Dorit has developed her own unique style, her work Is influenced by the works of artists such as Boulange an artist from Bolivia and various cubist artists such as Picasso ,Leger ,Braque, The flow of color and images, the joy of life, the movement of the Figures are all a part of her lifetime experience, Dorit lived in Africa, and Iran. Africa with its warm and vast savannas can be felt in her use of warm bright colors, Iran, with the colorful markets of Teheran, and the people in their embroidered garb, imbued her images and background compositions with their oriental enchanted feeling. Dorit‘s works are remarkable by her use of gold leaf affixed to her canvases and the enormous amount of details and complex composition, the viewer discovers new aspects and configurations In her works each time afresh. Her works are on display in various Galleries and collections in Israel, USA, Canada, France, and Japan. Exhibitions : ========== 1992 Bruno Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel 1994 Gan Hair-Museum Tel Aviv, Israel 1996 Bruno Gallery Jerusalem, Israel 1999 Safrai Gallery Jerusalem, Israel 1999 Claude Ammon Gallery Paris, France þ2002 Art Expo New York, USA

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